Monday, December 28, 2009

Where's My Boom?

According to this article:

The iPod touch is Apple's not-so-secret weapon when it comes to the App Store, especially come Christmas. This year was no exception, according to stats released by Flurry.

The company says that over Christmas, downloads from iPod touches 'eclipsed' iPhone downloads by 172% - and that downloads from third-generation iPod touches jumped by 900% on Christmas Day itself, compared to the average of previous Fridays in December.

Meanwhile, Flurry says December was a record-breaking month for the App Store, with downloads increasing by more than 50% compared to November based on average daily download figures.

The company also tracked Android Market over Christmas, revealing that downloads from the Motorola Droid jumped 93% on Christmas Day compared to previous Fridays in December.

This is a little weird, because I actually expected a bump on Christmas, and didn't get one. I saw a weird spike on Dec. 19-21, with the 21st being my best day of the month by far. But then revenue dropped back down to normal levels, and Christmas Day was actually the 5th lowest day of the month.

Now, the article doesn't break down paid vs. free app downloads, which is pretty important. I was hoping for a spike on or following Christmas, and haven't seen one yet. Not sure why, if these stats are to be believed. Maybe when people first get their phones, they're reluctant to immediately buy apps or click on in-game ads.

Ah well...revenue is still good. It's just not increasing quite yet. Maybe I'll see a climb over the next week or two. Dominoes has spent some time at over the past week, but is currently #2. And Golf Solitaire has dropped out of the top 5 to #7.

I'm hoping to get Puzzle Lords, the revamped version of Relativia, released this week. Hopefully it will be better received than it's predecessor.


  1. I do ipod touch/iphone apps and I expected a surge on Christmas Day but did not get one. But the 28th and 29th were exceptional (for me) with the 29th giving me in one day more than 50% of my usual downloads for a week. I am hoping it will continue.
    I did wonder whether the iTunes was slow on these days with lots of people downloading free Apps. My nephew got an ipod touch and couldn't download paid apps because the vouchers he had did not seem to be registering properly and so he had no money to do so.

  2. I'm also developing (very silly) iphone/ipod apps. All of them are paid apps and I got a HUGE bump on Christmas. My average sales per day hang around 4-5, but Christmas I had about 23 on Christmas, 17 the day after, 10 the day after that and now back down to normal levels.

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  5. Thanks for the info, guys. And good luck with your apps.

    I still don't know why I didn't see any kind of bump. There is an intermittent bug with the Android Market, at least in the Cards & Casino category, where the apps ranked 10-20 end up getting double listed as both the top 1-10 and the top 10-20, and the real 1-10 disappear. This was the way the market appeared to me almost all day Friday viewing it on my Droid. I've reported it to Google...seems to happen at least once a week for hours at a time (I'm guessing it occurs when they're doing some kind of maintenance). Anyway, didn't happen on Christmas day, so I don't know what's up.