Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some New Stats

The new year has seen Polyclef breaking some very nice new stats.

Last month the mark for 10,000 apps sold was passed...vaulted over, actually. It's already over 11,000 now.

I started tracking usage stats last September in those apps that require internet access. Recently, both Golf Solitaire Free and Spades Free passed the 1,000,000 sessions mark. That means people have played both of those games over a million times each!

I hope to shatter those and many other records by the end of the year. Thanks to all the people out there who have downloaded and used Polyclef apps!


  1. Wanna race? It didn't occur to me to total up total sales numbers. Since Dec 2008, my numbers are 11,598. Pretty similar if you ask me!

  2. Maybe you've said before, LJ, but what are your app names and/or your developer name?