Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Relativia and ADC II

Some developers are asking on the Android Developers Google Group for others to check if the apps they submitted to the ADC II are showing up. It does seem a little strange that devs didn't receive any indication that are apps are properly loaded for the ADC II judging app. Ah well.

I at least know that mine is being judged. I saw someone reference it and say something nice. So that's a good sign. Though it doesn't look like Google is going to give an indication of what the ratings are until Phase I of judging is complete.

So far the consensus seems to be that the game submissions are pretty good, while many of the applications are not all that great, lacking a lot of polish. So far I've judged about 10 apps (and only 1 game out of the ten). The game was probably the best app of the bunch. Some of the apps have interesting ideas, but almost none of them work as advertised.

Anyway, I'll post here as soon as I hear anything about the outcome of the first round.

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