Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Revenue for August and Golf Solitaire Update

Revenue for August went up a tiny bit over the previous month. At least it didn't go down. And my most consistent seller these days is still Golf Solitaire. I think it makes sense to focus on apps that are somewhat familiar, but still original enough not to compete directly with others (e.g. my Spades app).

Because one of the consistent requests for Golf Solitaire was a high score feature, I added a leaderboard for the front 9, back 9, and all 18 holes:

I'm still getting some people complaining about force closes, which I suspect may have to do with the SQLite database, but which I haven't been able to replicate. I wish I could directly ask users when the app crashed so that I'd have some idea how to fix it.

As for other functionality, at some point I plan to add in a mulligan (or undo) feature...at least 1 per hole.

I'm investigating multiplayer games, but it looks like it may just be far too complicated for me to mess with. I think it would be a nice way to edge out the competition for card games, though, so I'll keep looking into it.

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