Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ADC2 First Round Judging Complete?

I just opened up my ADC2 judging app to check out the next app, and got this message:

The first round of judging has concluded. Thanks again for all your reviews. Round 2 will commence after a brief scoring and review period, so there will be no apps to review for several days.

Don't worry, you'll start seeing those same notifications in the status bar soon enough.

Weird. Initially they said that judging would last at least 2 weeks, but the judging app went live on September 24th, which was 13 days ago. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with Android 1.6 compatibility issues. I can see cutting user judging short out of fairness to those whose apps aren't working under 1.6. But then, why would they resume user voting in a few days if that's the case?

It would be nice to get some official word on this.

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