Monday, October 26, 2009

The Future Looks Bright

The present isn't looking too shabby, either.

Reached a new milestone today...over 2,000 net apps sold for the year. Dominoes helped vault me over that particular benchmark. It's selling very briskly, and shows no sign of slowing. Dominoes has climbed to #27 in paid apps in its category, and I fully expect it to break the top 10 if it keeps this pace up much longer.

I revamped my business website to tailor it specifically to mobile browsing. It's pretty darn hard to make a website that displays well on a PC browser and mobile browsers. When push came to shove, I decided it was much more worthwhile for it to look and function well on mobile, especially Android, and I think that might actually be helping sales as well.

I'd be extremely happy if the current numbers stayed reasonably close to what they are, but it's difficult not to get too excited about the new phones coming out in the next few weeks. Here's hoping the numbers actually go up.


  1. For lack of a better place to post this... I've finally started to get my nose into iPhone app development. Only my nose though, because for about a week and half now I've been trying to get my app into the queue. Not even on the app store, but merely into the queue! I am astounded at the number of hoops I have to jump through. Just when I think I've made it through them all, I find a new one.

    It took me a few days, but I finally found a 104 page pdf file that describes how to prepare and submit apps for approval. It does not include how to create your iPhone developer account, how to create your developer licenses or how to create your distribution licenses and certificates... it's just specifically about submitting your app for review.

    And even without all of those other topics... focusing on just the tiny event of submitting your app for review... and having 104 pages to describe this tiny event.... it still doesn't cover how to ACTUALLY submit your app for review. It helps you through answering all of the questions on the different online forms, but when it comes to the step to upload the zipped application bundle it doesn't give you any directions on to do it, where to do it or that you even need one of those Distribution Certificates that I mentioned before.

    *sigh* I'm amazed that anyone is able to publish iPhone apps at all.

  2. Kenny, login to the iPhone Developer Program Portal and there are videos that walk you through many of the items you are having trouble with. On the right side see "How To's", there are the videos.

  3. Hey Kenny...what sort of app(s) are you working on?