Monday, October 4, 2010

WordWise for iPhone 1.01 Update Released

Our release of WordWise for iPhone was rocky, to say the least. That first version probably shouldn't have been submitted or made it through review. We really rushed to try to be first-to-market with Android/iPhone cross-compatibility, and the quality suffered.

But today 1.01 of WordWise for iPhone was approved, and most of the major issues should be fixed. Specifically, the game was crashing on most older phones and the iPod touch when loading games with lots of tiles, such as a game near completion. This was a memory issues and should now be resolved. There was an issue with loading games that should have affected all versions, but was particularly problematic on the iPad, keeping games from being launched at all. This should be fixed. And overall, performance in terms of moving and dropping tiles should be smoother.

Thanks a heap to the guys over at In a Day Development for their help. Go check out their apps (and buy some)!

As mentioned in an earlier post, while testing, we reverted to the development keys for notification, and forgot to change them back to production keys, so notifications are likely broken. We're going to submit yet another update (sigh) to get those working again. Hopefully the game is much more playable and those of you who want to play between Android and iPhone should be able to.


  1. invitations are still not being sent correctly between platforms. Both individuals are receiving the "players game list is full" notification when neither player has a full game list.

  2. I look forward to the update that prevents the app (and often, my whole phone) from crashing when it's not my turn, and I'm trying to view the app.
    Feel free to contact me with any follow up or testing I could help with!

  3. Thanks, APL. Please send me an email at

  4. Can we get it setup so that if I'm in the game and looking at the board and I get a text message that pops up, it doesn't take me back to the WordWise "homepage" and relogin me in?

  5. Has the iphone version been improved? Pretty harsh reviews. My wife uses the droid version and I love the game but love the phone more..