Thursday, September 23, 2010

WordWise for iPhone Issues

WordWise was developed primarily on iPhone OS 3, and we tested it on iOS 4, but we're getting reports of issues in two main areas:

1) Error connecting to server
2) Crashes loading the game after several moves are made

The first issue is likely to do with storing and using authentication information. What's probably happening is that the authentication used to log into our servers is timing out, and we need to fix the app to either refresh or fetch new credentials.

The second is most likely a memory issue. Each tile is a separate graphic, and since the crash is occurring later in games, while attempting to load, it is likely because the memory required to render a larger number of tiles is causing the crash. This is probably mostly occurring on older devices.

Sorry for the issues. We're going to get them fixed as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you do have problems, if you could email us at and let us know what happened and what device and OS you're using, that would really help us troubleshoot.


  1. Can we please get an update on the iPhone 4 freezing up issue?

  2. Yes, we submitted an update to Apple two days ago and requested that it be expedited. It went into review on Wednesday. With the expedite, we're hoping that it goes live within the next day or two. Unfortunately, while fixing the crash issues, we may have messed up the notification system, so we'll likely have another update on the heels of this one.

  3. Hey, all the people I know with Apple products would rather have a working game rather than being notified their turn has arrived. As for me and my Droid... We are happy. Many thanks for the great game.

  4. Having issues with inviting users on iphones to start a game. Both my wife and a co-worker have tried to send me an invite and have gotten "Players game list is full" notifications. I have one active game. My wife and I had played several games before this occurred, for some reason it didn't let use send the rematch request and then when we tried the invite a friend option we were given the notification.

    Also when I try to send them an invite, they both have no active games, I receive the same notification.