Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Update: WordWise for iPhone

So we submitted WordWise for the iPhone to Apple about 10 days ago. After about a week, the first version was rejected. Turns out we had a nasty bug to do with the login process.

We fixed that, but in the process found another bug. So we spent another day fixing that. This morning we resubmitted to Apple. It looks like the review process is taking about a week these days, so we should know something next Wednesday. It's a fairly complex app, so it wouldn't totally surprise me if it takes multiple rounds of submissions to make it through the process. Hopefully not, but for those who are looking forward to playing across platforms, between Android and iPhone, thanks for your patience.


  1. Were the bugs in core parts of the application, or iPhone-specific layers? (I.e. were they bugs on Android, too?)

  2. These were iPhone-specific bugs.