Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gamers Apparently Don't Want to Roam

So after crapping out of the ADC2, I released a free, ad-supported version of Relativia on the Android Market. It's had about 500 downloads, with a subpar rating. Turns out that people don't really want to have to visit real-world locations to play a game...or at least not my game. The good news is that they do seem to generally like the puzzle combat system. Here are some comments from users:

Good idea but cant play because im not willing to travel around in real life to do so. Please fix!

Just make the game a world map. Battles are interesting though.

This is a good idea but is dumb that u have to go to real locations.

There are more like this. The general consensus seems to be that people like the game except for the part where you have to go to a coffee shop to enter a dungeon.

So, I need to think about retooling the game to just a local version, which would probably do well. In the meantime I've removed the current version from the market.

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