Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T-Mobile Carrier Billing for Apps

Apparently T-Mobile had announced that starting Nov. 17th users would be able to purchase Android apps by easily charging them to their mobile bill. They also announced a custom T-Mobile channel in the market. It's Nov. 18th, and browsing the market and searching for T-Mobile, I don't see either of these functions. I have T-Mobile service, but clicking "Buy" for a paid app still takes me to Google Checkout, with no other payment options.

I was excited when I heard they were implementing this, hoping that more payment options would facilitate more sales, especially impulse purchases, and possibly fewer returns. It's not up by the announced date...I do hope they get it up and running soon.

And another quick update: Dominoes has just moved up to #2, but Golf Solitaire has dropped a slot to #6. Having an app in the #1 slot would be oh so sweet. Just one more to go.

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  1. Derek...thanks for keeping us updated. The DROID apps will continue to grow as we now know major hardware players are planning on launching mobile phones (DELL, ACER and HP is the latest news) just amazing...latest is over 50% of mobile users will access the internet within the next 5 years...we already have 2.2 Billion Mobile users globally..exciting stuff me at (potential partnership for your app)