Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Despite releasing several new utility calculators and the free, ad-supported Puzzle Lords, net revenue for this month has flattened out. Now, it's flattened out to a nice level, but you'd always like to see continued growth, especially with new devices coming out.

In the past week, there has been no Nexus One bump, as there was with the Droid. My own stats are probably not representative, but my two most popular apps currently have fewer than 100 Nexus One users. The top three devices on my most popular app (~24,000 active installs) are:

1) G1 (35.3%)
2) myTouch (14.8%)
3) Droid (13.9%)

The Droid has vaulted to third in a short couple of months, with users logging over 77,000 game sessions in that time. In the past week, Nexus One users have logged 79 sessions. It's still early, and I hope the Nexus One is a success...but from my perspective it's not looking great right now.

Anyway, currently Dominoes is still #2 in Cards&Casino and Golf Solitaire has fought its way back up to #6. Golf Solitaire sales have been up, but unfortunately the combined sales of Dominoes and GS has stayed flat this month.

We're starting to make some real progress on the turn-based multiplayer framework, though, which should enable reasonably quick ports of Dominoes, Spades, and Hearts to online multiplayer versions. I'm planning on all of these being ad-supported since, 1) Networked games are inherently more complex and I fully expect there to be all sorts of issues, 2) On top of that we're using Google App Engine as the backend, which is free up to a certain number of requests, then starts costing money. We can't afford to be paying for people with pirated copies to use our server, 3) Free games are going to have a lot more users, and a large user base is important for the success of multiplayer games.

There's also huge demand for a multiplayer Scrabble-type game, and that should be reasonably easy to implement. I've already done a simple word game that checks against a dictionary, and the graphics should be reusable.

I prefer to have a balance of paid apps and ads, but I think this is the strategy for the online multiplayer games, so if it ends up making a disproportionate amount of the income, so be it.

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