Tuesday, June 22, 2010

WordWise Free Released!

We've just released a free version of WordWise, for those who don't want to shell out any money to try the app (although apps on Android do come with a 24-hour, no-questions-asked return policy). The free version limits you to 3 active games and includes ads. The pro version allows up to 100 active games, with no ads.

Meanwhile, WordWise Pro has climbed yet again to the #3 spot in Games>Brains&Puzzle>Paid. Thanks to everyone who keeps buying it!

Also, today we released an update that includes:

1) A new notification system. Please bear with us while the iron out the kinks.
2) A rematch feature that lets you invite your current opponent to another game.
3) Additional fixes for out of memory errors.
4) A refresh feature for the title/login screen (Menu>Refresh).

And lots of other little things. We're working hard to improve the experience by adding and optimizing features. If you've already downloaded a version of WordWise, thanks!


  1. I was really excited for the free version. Unfortunately, it basically freezes after "logging in" rendering it completely useless.

    Droid Incredible - Android 2.1 (NO root)

  2. There is a known issue where the system itself crashes upon trying to allow permissions to access your account information to log Google App Engine. Is this when the crash occurs? When you see the system notification and click 'Allow'?

    If so, this is an issue with the Android OS itself, and we've found in at least one case it's due to a conflict with an app that either modifies system permissions or modifies the file structure on your device. One person using Apps Organizer was able to solve the problem by uninstalling that app. WordWise worked just fine then. If you have some kind of similar utilities, try disabling or uninstalling them to accept the system permission associated with WordWise. You should then be able to reinstall those utilities. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this is something that's a result of conflicts between third-party apps and the Android OS.

  3. I love it. I have beat my husband four times already. Thanks!

  4. WordWise Free says "The following one or more applications request permission to access your accound, now and in the future. * WordWise Free * Google * Google App Engine"

    What data does WordWise Free get from my account? Seems like Android ought to be more forthcoming about what data the app is requesting.

  5. If you accept the permission message you mention, WordWise uses the authentication credentials from the Google account you used to set up your phone to log you automatically in to our server, which uses Google accounts for authentication. We included this as a convenience, so that people wouldn't have to enter in any login information.