Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WordWise Pro #3 in its Category, #14 Overall

I had only really been monitoring the progress of WordWise Pro within its category, ignoring it's overall ranking among paid games. But checking it this morning, I see that it has vaulted into the top 20 of all paid games on the Android Market, to #14!

Unfortunately, we continue to be plagued with memory issues, and the new notification system still isn't working quite right. Also, we get bombarded daily with new feature requests. At the top of our list is making a page for player stats, global stats for all players and individual stats for each player, indicating top game scores, top words, win/loss records, etc. Once that gets implemented, we'll focus on a ranking system so that people near the same skill level can find each other easily. There have also been lots of requests for pass-and-play and also solo play. We'll see about that, but right now it's not our highest priority.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who as supported the game. It's already shot up near the's hoping it stays there and gets just a little higher.


  1. Do you know why wordwise does not show in the market? Is there another way to get it?

  2. WordWise is only supported for devices running Android version 2.0 or greater. If you don't see it in the market, it is probably because you are on a device with an unsupported version.

  3. Just bought WordWise Pro and I'm loving it.

    However, more important than a scoreboard, I would rather have the application icon let us know that it is our move (rather than e-mails)

    I'm thinking this could be similar to how the messaging app shows you the number of unread messages you have.

    The e-mails get annoying if you're playing a game back-and-forth without much of a break in between moves.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to the next update, regardless of what it does.

  4. Great app, but need to be able to track win/loss record. Thanks.

  5. @Michael...W/L records are coming in the next update, this week.