Sunday, June 20, 2010

WordWise Pro Climbs

It's difficult to track the rankings of apps in the Android Market. There used to be a website called AndroidStats that would show the rankings and movements of apps in the market, but they went down a while back, supposedly because Google either restricted or changed how market data can be accessed.

Anyway, since it's release, WordWise Pro has been vaulting up the rankings in Games>Brain&Puzzle>Paid. A few days after it was released, it wasn't anywhere near the top. About a week ago, I took the time to count the ranking manually, and saw that we were at #50. Yesterday when I checked, we clocked in at #15, which was pretty nice movement. I figured we'd be in the top 10 by next week.

Checking this morning, I see that WordWise Pro is now #7 in its category. Not bad, huh? I figured it would be a popular app, since there's not another multiplayer crossword game on the market. But the launch has been a little shaky, and we've had a number of issues with both the client and the server that we've had to work through, so we're sitting at a 3.5-star rating, while other apps in the top 10 all have 4.5-5 star ratings. Hopefully our rating will go up as we continue to improve the app and the experience for users stabilizes.

I'm particularly happy because even though I've been able to get top-ranking apps in the Games>Cards&Casino category, that is the smallest subcategory in Games. I figured maybe those apps were just doing well because there wasn't a lot of competition. According to AndroLib, though, Brain&Puzzle is the biggest game category. As of this writing, these are AndroLib's stats:

Games (All): 8164 applications in this category

Arcade & Action: 2069 applications in this category
Brain & Puzzle: 3350 applications in this category
Cards & Casino: 763 applications in this category
Casual: 1982 applications in this category

Since WordWise's rating is lower compared to other apps, we must really be outselling other apps in the category to jump that high in the ratings. Hopefully we'll make it into the top 5 this coming week.

We're also working hard to get the free version out, and that should only help boost sales of the paid version. Thanks to everyone who's buying and supporting the app!

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  1. This game is amazing. Thank you for making it. If I were to wish for one thing, however, it would be to have multiplayer (more than 2) functionality. Any plans for this?

    Thanks. And great job!!