Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm not sure when the heck the submission site for the Android Developer Challenge II will open up. The official site from Google simply says "Beginning in August" developers will be able to upload their apps, and that the last day they'll be able to upload apps is August 31st. But they haven't said a word in a while. It seems a bit strange.

Anyway, I'm continuing to make good progress on Relativia. The combat game is looking much better now, the AI is done (although not particularly smart), and the logic for initiating combat, winning/losing, and updating experience/inventory based on the outcome is all done. I may post another video shortly showing some of the improvements to the UI.

There are several things I'd like to do, but might not have time. There's still a lot of polish that could be added to the combat game. Obviously there's sound, but animations showing actions/spell casts would be nice. But the core functionality is almost there, and until that's all in place, I can't worry too much about polish.

Right now I'm working on the dungeon logic. I've still got to work on the quest system, markets, and inventory...but I've still got three weeks. Stay tuned!

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