Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Android vs. iPhone Stats

The Androinica blog points to some estimates of usage and purchases by Android and iPhone users:

* AdMob says Android users download about 9 apps per month with a ratio of 1 paid to 8 free. On the other hand, iPhone users report 10 apps with 2.6 paid.

* Only 19% Android users buy an app each month; 50% iPhone users buy at least one paid app a month.

* The estimated number of Android users is 3 million compared to 26.4 million iPhone users and 18.6 million iPod Touch users.

They point out that these stats should not be surprising. The iPhone user base is much more diverse, while Android users are still probably mostly early adopters, techie types much less likely to impulse buy.

Still, the numbers are a bit scary. Nearly 45 million people own either an iPhone or an iPod Touch? Holy crap.

I have to admit being impatient for the slew of new Android phones coming out and the talk of growth. I want to see it now, dammit.

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