Thursday, August 13, 2009

Totemo: Competition for the ADC II

Android and Me has a vague semi-review of an upcoming release from Hexage, a game called Totemo. They've even got a teaser trailer. A teaser trailer? For a little puzzle game for Android? Okay. I guess that's one way to try to build anticipation. This is the same team that worked on Buka, which I played the demo for. It was kind of fun. Definitely had personality and polish, but wasn't really all that compelling...not enough for me to purchase, anyway.

Anyway, there's this bit in the article:

Look for Totemo in the Market as soon as the Android Developers Challenge (ADC2) submission site goes up.

Which is a strong indicator that the game is an entrant for the challenge. And since there are only two game categories:

* Games: Casual/Puzzle
* Games: Arcade/Action

That means that Totemo will in all likelihood be in the Casual/Puzzle category, which puts it in direct competition with my app. They will likely be tough competition, too. Like I said, their first game had a lot of polish, and has apparently done will in the market.

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