Monday, August 3, 2009

Revenue for July

As expected, it's down. I earned just under $250 for the month of July. Admob revenue continues to slide. Someone else released a dog whistle app this month. I had been earning about $75/month from my dog whistle app, but it's half that this month, presumably from the competition. PetBook continues to be a giant bomb. I had one sale in July. Ah well. The only steady performer was Golf Solitaire, which accounted for nearly half my earnings in July.

None of this is particularly surprising. I've put all my eggs in one basket for the Android Developer Challenge II. I haven't released a new app since the end of May. It would be nice to know what the summer would have been like if I'd spent all my time churning out games with a development time of 2-3 weeks, interspersed with more small utilities, such as medical calculators. Alas, we'll never know.

We'll see how Relativia does in the competition. If it does well, hopefully I can monetize it. If not, I can always chop it up and try to repackage the combat game as a stand-alone app.

This month is still trying to get Relativia finished, so my projection is a further slide in sales, somewhere between $100-200.

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